Sansar Cares

Sansar believes in playing a part and taking care of the world we all live in.

Sansar Cares

Sansar believes in playing our part and taking care of the world we all live in.

At Sansar foods, we are committed to taking care of the Earth while ensuring that you are also well looked after. Sansar cares is our way to give back to the society through sustainable and dynamic measures. Our objective is to provide help and assistance to strengthen communities in an efficient and affordable way to thrive in a healthy ecosystem.

Sansar cares along with our partners work together to bring to hope and joyful change to the lives of many.

Our Social Committment Partners

Sansar care work with partners with worthy causes and together we bring hope and joyful change to lives of  many.

An Adventure In Helping

SaveAGram is an effort to share with urbanites this hidden world and at the same time, bring a means of livelihood to villagers who otherwise have to throng to crowded cities in search of subsistence income. Sansar Cares consistently supports SaveaGram via donations and volunteer work in india.

A Uniquely Fulfilling Experience

SaveAGram offers homestays in two different villages in Wayanad, Kerala and Garhwal, Uttrakhand. These are the most scenic and beautiful states in India and featured in various International travelogues. Hosts are village folks, who are more than happy to share their humble home, delicious food made from freshly picked farm produce and cooked mostly on wood fired stoves. This experience is rich with the sheer uniqueness and variety it offers whether going for a walk on an old well-trodden path or treks through jungles and discovering water vines and secret clear pools to swim in.

Enjoy the offerings sights and colous of the local fairs.

Practise yoga in the most pristine of surroundings.

The inviting clear waters of Minmutti Falls in Wayanad.

Hitch a ride on the eco friendly barge in Kuruva.

Experience life of village dwellings surrounded by nature.

Beautifully rustic and comfortable rooms await you.

Fantastic views right at your doorstep.

Visitor will Enjoy:
  • organic food,
  • traditional art and craft,
  • an unhurried pace of life, and
  • the warmth of the village folk.

Book your village stay today and support Saveagram.

Taking A Hand In Shaping The Future

 Sansar Cares supports the Wayanad Girijiana Seva Trust, a charitable Institution supporting the education of the Tribal communities in Wayanad District, Kerala State. The sole mission is to take care of the re-schooling needs of the dropouts hailing from under privileged tribal groups living across this district and the vision is to leverage literacy among them which can be archived only through functioning an alternate school simultaneously with SDT program. Around 107 boys  and 95 girls are benefitted through the trust and there are 12 teaching and 7 non-teaching staff serving at the school.

The Hunger Collective Donation Drive

Bringing Relief To Our Friends During The Time Of Covid 19

Sansar donates over 150kgs of food to affected residents.

Sharing With Our Friends

Sansar Dals was part of The Hunger Collective’s donation drive in Delhi, India where we donated more than 150kgs of dals to the families affected due to lockdown during the Covid-19 situation. It gave us so much fulfilment and happiness.

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